Friday, July 18, 2014

Building & Running CMU Sphinx4 for Speech Recognition on Ubuntu 12.04

Step-1: Download JDK7, Eclipse IDE and install them.

Step-2: Download Sphinx4 from here. Download both files and

step-3: Extract both files and  using unzip command.

step-4: After extracting execute the following commands
             cd /home/UserName/sphinx4-1.0beta6-bin/sphinx4-1.0beta6/lib/
             sudo chmod 777
             sudo bash (Make sure all jar files extracted properly)

Step-5: Now create a new java project "HelloWorld" in eclipse.

Step-6: copy all files in the folder "sphinx4-1.0beta6-src/sphinx4-1.0beta6/src/apps/edu/cmu/sphinx/demo/helloworld/" in newly created project "HelloWorld".

Step-7: Include all jar files in the folder "sphinx4-1.0beta6-bin/sphinx4-1.0beta6/lib/" in the project's java build path in eclipse. To include jar files right click on HelloWorld Project then properties->Java build path->Libraries->Add External JARs-> select all jar files in "sphinx4-1.0beta6-bin/sphinx4-1.0beta6/lib/".

Including Sphnix4 Jar Files
Step-8: Now Run project and follow instructions displayed on console for speech recognition.

Sphnix4 Setup in Eclipse


  1. thanks for tutor.
    I have 1 Question that is how to train the data using sphinx 4 train?

    1. you can refer this link Abebe