Thursday, February 28, 2013

ALViC-0.1.2 Release

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) is very glad to inform you all that ALViC- Accessible Linux for Visually Challenged version0.1.2 is released on 11th February, 2013 in New Delhi, India. ALViC is a complete desktop environment which provides a comprehensive solution for Visually Challenged users. This is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 10.04; and uses Orca 3.2.0 xdesktop screen reader as the main interaction mechanism for visually challenged users. They can use it out of the box because accessibility features suitable for fully blind as well as for partially blind users are enabled by default.

Main Features of ALViC-0.1.2:

  • Free and open source desktop environment
  • Enhanced Orca with skim read, sentence navigation, list shortcut and structural navigation of text documents
  • PDF documents made accessible in Linux environment
  • Easy navigation and search facility on Desktop icon view
  • Accessible login for visually challenged users
  • Suitable desktop themes for partial blind
  • Other assistive tools like OCRFeeder, Audio book converter, Emerson DAISY reader, sound converter etc. useful for visually challenged users are also included.
For more details, visit the link ALViC-0.1.2.

We request all to try out ALViC-0.1.2 and send your feedback and suggestions on ossd[at]cdac[dot]in

Thanks and regards
For Accessibility Team
CDAC, Mumbai

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