Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Anumaan Standalone-0.2 Release

Dear all,

We are very happy to announce the new release of our open source predictive text entry system - Anumaan. This release includes new version of standalone flavour of Anumaan i.e. Anumaan-standalone-0.2. This version has been released as part of the activities of project "Enhancing Accessibility for FOSS Desktops" under NRCFOSS-Phase II being carried out at CDAC, Mumbai.

Anumaan gives predictions based on preceding text/words used by the user in his/her text and user can use these predictions, while composing text. By incorporating predictions, user can improve his/her rate of text entry to a great extent.

Anumaan is mainly intended to help persons with motor disabilities, specially ones facing problems in hand and finger movement. Such persons face difficulty in using regular input devices like keyboard for text entry related tasks. Anumaan can help such persons immensely in their text entry related tasks by way of predictions. However, It is equally useful for common users also and can support them in creating mails, letters, documents etc. in less time.

Salient features of current version include:

  • More user-friendly and simplified interface for easy interaction and navigation.
  • Re-oriented layout of text entry area and prediction display in order to reduce visual and cognitive overhead.
  • A single comprehensive prediction list combining predictions from all relevant grams for easy selection.
  • Keyboard support for selecting predictions from prediction list. It reduces time taken in selecting and committing predictions to text.
  • Larger text entry area compared to previous version for easy text entry.
  • Integrated context-sensitive help.
  • Re-oriented menu bar for easy access and navigation.
All these features are intended to improve user interaction and experience for motor disabled people. Anumaan is developed on java platform and supports UTF-8, so it can effectively be run on any platform.

Newly released version of Anumaan can be downloaded HERE.

We will appreciate if you can use the application and send us your valuable feedback. Feedback, bug reports or feature enhancement requests about the application can be sent to or

Thanks & Regards
Anumaan Team,
Open Source Software Division,
CDAC Mumbai.
Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

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