Monday, May 21, 2012

GNU/Linux distributions for differently-abled people

CDAC Mumbai released three specially designed GNU/Linux distributions for specially enable people.

To Download below mentioned all ISO files please Click Here.

GNU/Linux For Visually Challenged:

This is a GNU/Linux distribution created specially for visually challenged users. It is based on Ubuntu 10.04; and uses Orca 3.1.3 pre-xdesktop screen reader. Visually challenged users can use it out of the box because accessibility settings required by them are already enabled.  

GNU/Linux For Physically Challenged:

'GNU/Linux for Physically Challenged-Beta-0.1.1' is a special distribution for physically challenged people, so that they can easily access FOSS desktops. This Distribution provides friendly and smooth environment for physically challenged people. This distribution is an outcome of 'Enhancing accessibility of FOSS desktop' project at CDAC Mumbai.

GNU/Linux For Cognitively Challenged:
This linux distribution has been developed to provide an accessible desktop environment to the cognitively challenged users. Cognitive disability is one of the most challenging disabilities to address and people suffering from cognitive disability face problems like memory loss – short-term or long-term, learning disability, forgetfulness, reading disability, attention problems, etc.

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